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Reservation and hospitality are easy

02/11/2020 by admin is a website for reservations, accommodation and rentals in Greece. Whether you are a rental business owner looking to build a website for your company or a web designer looking for the perfect WordPress theme for your next project, you will definitely appreciate the many features and benefits of our customizable dashboard. your website and tailor it to your business model.

User experience is important if you want to be an industry leader. The clean design style with flat elements fits perfectly into an easy-to-use user interface without compromising on your ability to customize the design.

This is not an issue that only concerns the front of an online rental business. It is also a booking platform based on WordPress that allows you to receive bookings, accept payments, manage your properties and get in touch with your customers. Reservation, payment, advanced search and reservation management make Homey the most convenient solution for users who want to offer their properties for rent.


Booking Forms

Make the booking process as easy as possible for your customers with a complete online booking form that allows you to collect all the data needed to make a booking.

Instant Booking

Guests simply select their travel dates to book immediately. No prior authorization is required prior to booking if selected dates are available.

Booking Calendar

Keep your reservations organized in a friendly booking log interface. The diary is fully responsive and looks great on any desktop or mobile device.

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